Ameet Parekh – Business Success Coach

About Me

Dr. Ameet Parekh is India’s Leading Business Success Coach & author of upcoming book Your Mind is Your Enemy.


Post Graduate in Business Management thru Pune University, completed his ICF certified ACSTH course in 2018 thru prestigious Symbiosis, U.S/ TLCCG, Canada, formally recognised by ICF & is a Member Coach of highly renowned coach associations of CCA & ICF, Business Success Coach, Educationist, Executive Coach, Pranic Healer Practitioner thru WPHF Inc, Manila, Serial Entrepreneur & an Upcoming Author.

He is a multi faceted personality with an innovative mind which has led him to create some incredible coaching programs to help entrepreneurs acquire success mindset & develop business skills. 

He has helped thousands of budding & established entrepreneurs to establish or scale up their business operations

Born Without a Legacy:

He comes from a low income group family, who through his sharp business sense & leadership abilities rose to a position of Vice President and a National Training Head in One of India’s Largest Finance Houses, post which he choose the path of entrepreneurship and to his dismay failed miserably in his first 2 attempts

Transformational Coaching:

His business failures took him to a journey around the world searching and getting tutored from few of the best coaches in the world. His zeal of implementing the knowledge gained and his passion to make this world a better place, lead him to establish successful businesses. Today he is a Serial Entrepreneur who runs and manages multiple businesses and has now established himself as a business success coach, preaching what he practices. 

Workshops :

Today he has chosen to devote his life to teach key business skills empowering individuals to generate massive business revenues. At his “How To Grow Your Income” Seminar he teaches budding and establish entrepreneurs, Success Mindset & 8 Focus Areas for Business Excellence. 

The Participants vouch for his high octane humorous presentations & his incredible ability to connect with his audience to inspire  unyielding success

A person Who Figure out his “Why” can easily find “How and What” Because There are thousands of ways to accomplish one dream, but you need to find out “why you want to achieve that dream.”