Dr.Ameet Parekh

“It’s like, in that moment, the whole universe existed just to bring us together.”
From the film “Serendipity”

Meet Dr.Ameet Parekh, the person who nudges the universe and helps it work just a smidgeon faster. He is the catalyst that brings people together.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved.”

And Dr.Ameet has known this happiness. He knows the wonder that comes along with it. Because he has known how beautiful this bliss is, he feels obliged to share it with others. He ensures that the heart-warming joy that comes from love is felt by each person alive. Dr.Ameet believes in the power of love, and that makes him an amazing human being.

Dr.Ameet’s journey began with a simple Master’s degree in Management from Pune University, one of the most reputed universities in India. An extremely driven and passionate person, Dr. Ameet has been extremely successful in his corporate avatar while working with some of the leading brands in the nation for more than a decade.

It was during his tenure as the National Head for Training and Management Development for one of the top financial corporations in India that Dr. Ameet found his true calling. After conducting world-class training programs, running a successful training company, guiding entrepreneurs on how to achieve personal and business-related success, he realized that all he ever wants to do is to bring about a cathartic change in other people’s lives.

‘Relationship Alchemist’- What’s that?

That’s what people call him….And with good reason.
Dr. Ameet Parekh’s vision is to be able to share all his knowledge and rich experience to teach, guide and assist others in living a powerful and successful life.

His mission in life is to help people take their most important relationship, the one relationship that people choose for themselves, and the one that has a huge impact on their complete being and transform it into something magical.

Love cures people,
Both the ones who give it
and the ones who receive it.

What is an Alchemist?

Alchemy is the art of manipulating life and consciousness
in matter,
to help it evolve
or to solve problems of inner disharmonies.

What if we told you that turning common metals such as copper and iron into gold was a simple process? That heating them is all it would take – would you not want to try it out?

This is exactly what alchemists did in medieval times. Alchemists were people who searched for a way to transform a useful yet common substance into something precious and valuable.

What is a Relationship Alchemist?

Today, alchemy is often used as an enigmatic symbol depicting the idea of transformation and inner change.

So, Transformation + Relationships = Relationship Alchemists.

A Relationship Alchemist transmutes simple relationships into amazing ones. A transformation that comes from within.

“We transform relationships from simple stones into sparkling jewels.”

What makes him an exceptionally good Relationship Alchemist?

His faith in love – Love that makes dreams come true.

What makes him the perfect mentor to learn how to build outstanding relationships is his aura of approachability. He isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his own experiences. His trust in his listeners builds an atmosphere of closeness and intimacy. He inspires his audience to achieve success in their own lives.

Why do you need a Relationship Alchemist?

“Good Relationships don’t just happen.
They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.”

And that’s why you need a Relationship Alchemist. We teach you the skills to be in and maintain a good relationship. We give you the tools to transform regular bonds into golden relationships. We help you build a healthy, better relationship, that inspires you to do better in every aspect of life.

Consider this: In order to become a chef, you would ponder upon which culinary school you could train at. You would spend long hours choosing between the best possible training schools for your career.

We apply this careful selection and training not just to education. We study and learn to master every important aspect of our lives. We learn to walk, we master the art of speaking, we study to attain expertise in our professions and at times we even cultivate our hobbies.

But were you taught how to be the best at the most important aspect in your life? No, no one teaches us how to keep our life partners happy. We never learn how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Why not? Why do we not learn the basics of relationships? Why do we not study to excel in our relationships? When every role in our lives requires training, why should we not prepare for affairs of the heart too? We are not inherently born with the quality to be superb at love.

This is why you need a Relationship Alchemist – to learn to be the best at your relationship, the most vital aspect of life.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself,
life is about creating yourself.”

A Relationship Alchemist creates a new ‘you’, creates a new ‘we’, until every hidden cell within you is throbbing with music and life, every fibre trilling like harp strings.

“But I don’t need a Relationship Alchemist.”
A great relationship is not a simple bond. Having a loving partner results in your emotional, physical and spiritual happiness. A great relationship means being in love forever, to have that spark always alive.

So here is some food for thought:

You might be in a stable relationship, but does it still have that thrill – the thrill of wishing to see your partner first thing in the morning? Does your relationship still feel like new love? Or is it just satisfactory? Do you feel like it’s acceptable and agreeable, but that quest for happiness is absent?

Your partner could be hardworking, honest, a good provider, caring and have no bad habits. You might yourself possess some fine qualities. Yet, sometimes, you may feel like something is missing. And as years go by that void becomes painful.

This is why you need a Relationship Alchemist. As Relationship Alchemists, we help you find that missing piece. We help you take that first step on the path of bliss. We bring back that spark. We make your relationship joyful. We make it feel like the ushering in of spring after a long winter. The feel of warm fire in the freezing cold. The feel of the first tender touch.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our checklist:

Your relationship seems to be losing the romance it once possessed

The feeling of being in love is lost

Your life has no thrill

You and your partner seem to be leading separate lives rather than journeying together

You can’t seem to communicate effectively with your partner

Issues that would otherwise have been tiny tend to get blown out of proportion

The spark is lost and the general mood of your relationship is grim

Your goals seem to diverge and you are no more a team

The relationship is cruising along fine but you would definitely like add some old zing back.

If you find yourself agreeing with even one point on this list, your relationship needs our help.

Remember: Bad relationships change good people.

The Role of a Relationship Alchemist

We take it for granted that the sun will rise and shine every morning. And that’s how we treat our relationships too: we take them for granted.

We forever assume that affairs of the heart will sort themselves out without any hard work. We presume that our love lives don’t require tenderness and care. That’s the mindset we are brought up with.

We, Relationship Alchemists, want to change that mindset.

Now, you might be thinking ‘I can do that on my own. I don’t need another person for this.’

Pause, and think of the last time you tried to speak with your partner about your problems. The words “I don’t really want to talk about it” are echoing inside your head, aren’t they? People tend to retreat into their shell when faced with problems. It is not the unwillingness to change, but the fear of feeling hurt that closes them off.

That’s where we step in. A Relationship Alchemist builds trust, respect and a safe zone–a place where there is no judgment. He is a neutral entity. This motivates couples to open up about issues they have bottled inside for too long.

This turns “I don’t want to talk about it” into “let’s get this issue sorted”.

“The transformational journey is not easy,
but then again, nothing truly worth it is.”

With a Relationship Alchemist as a mentor, that journey becomes elementary and blissful. And that’s why you need to invest in us. Investing in us is simply investing in you. We make the journey from a simple relationship to a magical one that’s incredibly facile.

We provide you with the key to unlock yourself from a humdrum existence. We make you the couple that inspires others; the role models that set relationship goals for everyone else.

We empower your relationship!

How do we do it?

We simply begin by placing you on our Relationship Spectrum. Every relationship we have seen, through our years of work, falls into one of the four zones.

1. It’s heartbreaking when we both feel more alone when we are by each other’s side than when we are by ourselves.

This defines a Red Zone relationship. Both you and your partner recognize the obvious problems in your relationship. You are no more a team and both suffer for it. Almost 30% of couples in a metropolitan city fall into this zone.

2. I’ll act like everything is okay.

I’ll smile like nothing is wrong.
And I’ll pretend you are not hurting me.

That’s an Amber Zone relationship. Only one partner sees the problem and the other is blissfully ignorant. Again about 30% of bonds fall within this category.

3. When did we start, Start losing the spark between us?

It seems we’re like soda that’s lost its fizz.

Right about now 30% of you would be nodding your head. You know your relationship is beginning to fade. You miss that wildfire. You are the ones in the Yellow Zone.

Relationships are like cooking.
A bad relationship just means a bad recipe.

What we, as Relationship Alchemists, do is change the recipe. Now that we know where you stand on the spectrum, all we do is tweak the formula. We convert a poor old recipe to a brilliant, shiny new one. We change copper to gold. The best part: we make it fun for you.

4. We transport your relationship to the Green Zone, where the best relationships reside. They are tranquil, happy and effortless. We bring you to the elusive10%; to the fabled side that has the elixir of life: love and happiness.

Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist.


Dr. Ameet’s Signature Courses

Hear from our participants

My husband and I were living different lives. We didn’t get along as partners and we didn’t get along as a family. So I decided it was time to seek help or go separate ways. I found Ameet on the Internet and attended his amazing workshop, A New Blueprint & followed up with his one on one power sessions.
My husband wasn’t happy about it as he was saying: ‘I am not telling my problems to a stranger’. But as we started sessions with Ameet, he knew how to get to him & my husband did start to talk and he said things I didn’t expect.
Ameet never said you have to do this or you have to say that, but he was guiding us so we found the answers to our problems! We attended his workshop & did 5 personal sessions (didn’t even need the 6th) and our lives as partners and family has completely changed.
We still have some arguments but they are not what it was because we know how to talk to each other, we listen each other and we understand each other.
And now even my husband says that Ameet was the best thing that could happen to our family.

Ameet has been very helpful in getting us to see the whole picture of our marriage and our lives. He has guided us through the “Perfect Match” – One on One Sessions, with direct intention and a thorough understanding of each of our wants and needs so we can each decide what we want together. We both can be heard and without the pain and guilt. We went thru this mesmerizing relationship workshop, “A New Blueprint” which has completely altered the way we think about our relationship.
I highly recommend Ameet and the programs and courses he offers. Thank you, Ameet! ”

I started working with Ameet recently after my significant break-up…a very difficult one at that. Ameet helped me to realize how I really wanted to be treated and the kind of relationship that would add to my life and not cause such pain. We explored many avenues of how I got to this place of having an unhappy relationship to how to move forward and create the kind of relationship where I would feel happy and complete. It takes a whole new way of thinking and acting to get the results. Ameet has been a wonderful promoter for this process. A New Blueprint was an amazing experience to dive deep within myself and explore some amazing insights about raising the quality of a relationship.