Signs that suggest you are ready to become your own BOSS

Signs that suggest you are ready to become your own BOSS

Are you sick of working from pay check to pay check? Tired of fulfilling everyone else’s dreams, but yours? If “yes”, then ditching that 9-to-5 job may seem like the right move for you. Although the idea of becoming your own boss could be very exciting and extremely terrifying, it just might be worth it in the end. Here are a few signs that can help you recognize when it’s time to move on from your old job and become your own boss.

1. Knowledge that success takes time, patience is definitely a virtue
When you believe in yourself and are capable of far more than your job title, transitioning into becoming a boss should be easy, but not quick. One of the biggest factors that draw many people to take the next step and “to guarantee their own success”, is to take personal responsibility. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” So success isn’t likely to come overnight! It’s going to take a tremendous amount of effort, fortitude, and hard work. True success only comes after shedding your blood, sweat, and tears. Upon knowing this fact regarding the rocky, tedious road to success, and still be willing to take its path, is a sure sign you’re ready for personal success!

2. Being fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses
Knowing what you are capable of and what limitations you have can go a long way. Being able to accept and embrace your weaknesses shows that you are realistic and self-aware; as no one is good at EVERYTHING! When you’re aware of your weaknesses, they’re less likely to be and impediment on your road to success. Be willing to acknowledge, rectify, and change those weaknesses into strengths. Keep nurturing your core strengths and use them to build your base. There’s always room for improvement and developing new strengths can always be an asset.

3. Be ready to do whatever it takes
Breaking away from the 9-to-5 job doesn’t necessarily mean that you will work according to your own whims and fancies. Discipline, integrity, ethics and character need to be developed in order to successfully be your own boss. You have to understand that it may not be an 8-hour job, but a 24-hour hustle, to bring your dream to fruition. To attain hard-earned success, you have to be willing to pull all-nighters, sacrifice those night outs with family and friends, and lose a few hobbies.

4. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
When you are the boss, you will be overburdened by a pool of deadlines, commitments, and stress. The ability to stay afloat and be level-headed is a major indicator that this is the right path for you. Do not be overcome by the magnitude of commitments on hand. Being able to keep yourself motivated and sustain your momentum, even during trials, shows the real leader in you. With an ever-changing, economic environment, it sometimes helps to adapt, adjust and move out of your comfort zone to address any dynamic issues that may arise