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Dr. Ameet Parekh

Dr. Ameet Parekh is India’s Leading Business Success Coach & author of the book, Your Mind is Your Enemy.

Post Graduate in Business Management thru Pune University, completed his ICF certified ACSTH course in 2018 thru prestigious Symbiosis, U.S / TLCCG, Canada, formally recognised by ICF & is a Member Coach of highly renowned coach associations of CCA & ICF, Business Success Coach, Educationist, Executive Coach, Pranic Healer Practitioner thru WPHF Inc, Manila, Serial Entrepreneur Author of Amazon Best Selling Book “YOUR MIND IS YOUR ENEMY” & founder of a Anaiah Edutrain LLP.

He is a multi faceted personality with an innovative mind which has led him to create some incredible coaching programs to help entrepreneurs acquire success mindset & develop business skills.

He has helped thousands of budding & established entrepreneurs to establish or scale up their business operations

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