The 5 step process to building a strong brand

Every business owner has a dream. They don’t just want to run a business. They want to become a brand. But sadly, they don’t know how to do it.

If you want to turn your business into a brand, stay with me, as I am going to share a powerful framework that will help you create a brand that will resonate with your audience. So without any delay, let’s get right into it.

1.Creating perception

This is the first step towards creating a brand. As an entrepreneur, you have to be clear about how you want your audience to perceive your business. Your products and services should communicate whether you are:

  • A premium brand
  • A luxury brand
  • A value for money brand, or
  • An affordable brand.

You should decide how you want your customers to perceive you. This is the stepping stone for building a strong brand.

2.Using the right visuals to convey the brand perception

Once you are clear about how you want your customers to perceive your brand, the next step is to ensure all elements of your business that have a visual appeal also articulate the same perception.

For example, if you want to be a luxury brand, then everything from the design of your packaging, website design, design of your brochures and product images should convey a feeling of luxury.

3.Build Brand Credibility

This is where the majority of businesses go wrong. They think building perception and using the right visual elements is all they need to position themselves the way they want.

In reality, you additionally need to strategically work on building credibility and trust around your brand to solidify your brand perception and position your brand in the marketplace as you want it to be.

Here are a few strategies you can use to build strong credibility and trust for your brand.

  • Doing online PR
  • Creating high-quality content across channels where your customers are spending time
  • Collaborating with people or organizations that have high credibility in the market
  • Leveraging influencers to position your brand identity
  • Using local and global media such as newspapers, local news channels, industry-specific magazines, high authority blogs, etc.
4.Design Brand Communication

This is perhaps one of the most overrated terms in the world of branding.

While everybody talks about designing brand communication, nobody tells what this actually means.

In simple terms, brand communication means the ways in which you can communicate the perception you have set for your brand to your target customer.

Some of the elements that can help you communicate your brand perception are:

  1. The design and quality of your products
  2. Quality of your production (it could be videos, product images, social media posts, etc.)
  3. Strategic collaboration with influencers and other businesses
  4. Human resources involved in customer-facing functions like sales, operations, etc.

You need to strategically design the right methods through which you can communicate without actually speaking, advertising, or marketing your brands through building a brand communication strategy.

5.Create a strategy for Brand Visibility

The last element that will help you build a strong brand is ensuring that you are strategically making yourself visible in front of your target customers.

This is where you specifically design a branding campaign by using different methods to market your brand perception to your target customers.

This differs from traditional marketing as here the focus of your brand campaign is to create visibility and build perception around your brand.

You can create visibility for your brands by

  1. Running branding ads
  2. Aggressively creating content across digital platforms
  3. Strategically tying up with various events, shows, exhibitions, summits, and conferences
  4. Becoming a sponsored partner
  5. Hiring a brand ambassador

So these are 5 essential steps that every small and medium business must take in order to build a strong brand. But there are numerous other activities that a business must perform in order to build a healthy brand and attract high-value customers.

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